Samantha at prineville Samantha on Blue Lake Ridge

Courtesy of Samantha Swick

Courtesy of Samantha Swick


“I started riding when I was 6. That’s when I feel in love,” said Samantha Swick.

Unlike most people who usually fall in love with a sport that a school has a team you can join, Swick fell in love with an ordinary thing know as riding motorcycles.

“It all began when my dad got a dirt bike and I really wanted to ride it,” said Swick. “So my dad then got me a little Honda 50.”

Swick started out by riding in fields but as she got better she rode on mountains (grassy flats) with the help of her dad, Kent Swick.  Eventually she worked her way up to riding on the Trask. Her overall skill also improved.

“At first I only rode with my mom, dad and sister,” said Swick. “But then we made a motorcycle club that includes a variety of people who also love to ride.”

Her family’s passion lead to the creation of a motorcycle club. They compete in races and also just ride around for fun. One of Swick’s proudest moments is placing third in a race with 23 boys.

“Riding to me is an easy escape from the world and it is my passion,” said Swick. “It bothers me when people say that we just sit there, YouTube ‘Erzberg hare scramble’ and that should sum it up.”

Everyone has their own way that helps them relax like yoga but in Swick’s case riding motorcycles serves as the perfect getaway. Riding has become natural to her that she prefers to not ride competitively.  She  plans to  continue to ride  until she no longer is able to.