We tested the highest – rated cafés in McMinnville, searching out the best coffees in town. Here are our top three. Community Plate With house-blended coffee and cream, a bright, rustic ambiance, and quick, friendly service, Community Plate ranks among the best cafés in McMinnville. Alongside the more customary coffees, it features several delightful nontraditional blends, such as the lavender and mocha latte pictured above.

Flag and Wire Flag & Wire features an open, modern atmosphere, wonderful staff, and exceptional business practices. Its coffee beans are hand roasted, an impressive attribute which lends a pure, full – bodied quality to its brews. It works with earthier, more mature flavors, resulting in unique and delicious drinks unlike anything else to be found in Mac.

Cornerstone Coffee Roasters Cornerstone is a perfect spot for the fall season. Its blends are warm and sweet, winning a lively, distinctive flavor. A long-time McMinnville favorite, this café is known for its fresh and delectable drinks and pastries, easily deserving of designation as one of the best coffee spots in Mac.