After losing week after week early on in the season, the football team just beat McKay for their second win in two weeks.

With only two games remaining in the season, the Grizzlies need to continue their winning streak.

“We need to improve on our technique,” said junior Cooper Bousquet, “I also need to work on my own personal technique and stay lower; it’ll really help me benefit the team.”

Many of Bousquet’s teammates are happy with the way the season is going and that they are ready to improve on the little mistakes they are making on the field.

Senior Kadin Wilson said, “we need to capitalize when we have chances and opportunities don’t come out of the blue very often, so when they do, we do our best to take advantage of them.”

“We have definitely improved each week,” said senior tight end Sam Swenson, “we just haven’t had very many breaks so far, and I think the major difference from this year than last year is that we’re more of a unit and friends off the field… this in the end will hopefully give us more W’s on our record.”

“This first half of the season is the hardest because we’re going up against the hardest teams of the league, but as the season goes on we will get more wins and you can count on that,” said Swenson.

The next game for the Grizzlies is away at Parkrose High School in Portland at 7PM. A win against Parkrose on the 23rd and Forest Grove on the 30th with secure the Grizzlies a wild card spot in the 6A Football state playoffs.