1882 Grille is a new restaurant located on Third Street, on top of a building shared by another restaurant called The Barberry and a store called the Wine Village. It is on a beautiful rooftop surrounded by a brown fence covered with lights where you can eat outside. Indoors, there is a bar for the adults to drink and socialize. It’s very casual, and the employees were very kind and helpful to their customers and all seemed to enjoy working there.

A wide variety of food is served at the 1882 Grille, including wood-fired pizzas, salads, hamburgers, sandwiches and homemade soups. When I asked what their recommendation was, they told me to try the Tavern Griddle Burger. While all the food was on the expensive side, it was not outrageous and my meal was definitely worth it.

It has a very unique Oregonian vibe, and the top of the bar is actually a recycled bowling alley lane from the Philomath Bowling Alley! This fall, they are offering Happy Hours on Sundays where visitors can watch NFL football while they eat delicious food.

1882 Grille is definitely a good addition to Third Street’s plethora of local, casual restaurants, and I would recommend it to everyone.