With the recent release of “Spectre” and the continuation of the longest running movie series with the same central character, James Bond is on top of the world. Many people, however, are questioning if the series should close its doors forever. While “Spectre” did gross $70.4 million its opening weekend putting it just behind “Skyfall” as the highest grossing bond film in the series, critics have not been super kind towards Spectre. The question remains, is the character of James Bond going to end soon with Daniel Craig?

First, it needs to be known that this is definitely Daniel Craig’s last movie, so the public will have to say goodbye to one of the greatest Bonds ever. The team behind Bond’s movies is looking for a new actor to replace him. Leading the pack are heavyweights such as Tom Hardy, Colin Firth and Idris Elba followed tightly by lesser known actors like Damian Lewis. It needs to be realized that the Bond team wants to make a new movie, and although “Spectre” wasn’t a critical phenomenon like “Casino Royale”; it did make $70.4 million in its opening weekend. Plus, one downfall is not something new to the James Bond series. “The Man with the Golden Gun” debuted in 1972 and only made 21 million; however the Bond series has lasted 43 years since.

On the other side of the spectrum, many people offer the argument that James Bond is culturally not up to date. The argument is that there haven’t been very many positive depictions of African Americans or women and that things like drinking and womanizing are too positively depicted. People also say that losing a star like Daniel Craig, and relatively negative critical reviews are a little bit too much for the series to handle.

Both sides show good argumentation, and neither one has any really weak points. Whether it be negative depictions of women or $70.4 million both sides should be respected. Overall, it is up to the public to decide the answer to a question that affects many people. Is James Bond going to continue his reign as the longest running character of a movie series, or should he become extinct?