Imagine your biggest fear… Then multiply that by 1,000. In this year’s newest blockbuster hit, “The Martian” Matt Damon stars as botanist Mark Watney who is abandoned on the desolate planet of Mars. With the odds very much against his favor, Watney somehow manages to survive long enough for NASA officials to find him.

His crew, made up of Captain Lewis (Jessica Chastain), Beth Johanssen (Kate Mara), Rick Martinez (Michael Pena), and Chris Beck (Sebastian Stan) race against the clock for the majority of the movie in order to find their abandoned crewmate.

During his 724 days of solitude on Mars, Watney uses his sheer brain power to grow life on Mars and create a sustainable living environment. Of course, something is bound to go wrong. With a plethora of missteps from both Watney and the head of NASA (a very nefarious Jeff Daniels), the chances of survival seem unbearably slim. I mean it, throughout the whole movie I had my hands over my eyes, horrified that I was going to watch the beloved Matt Damon die.

Overall, “The Martian” was an excellently made film, especially when it came to the special effects. There have recently been a lot of comments comparing “The Martian” and Matthew McConnaughey’s 2014 thriller, “Interstellar.” I personallly appreciated the plot of “Interstellar” much more than “The Martian,” only because of all the twists and turns during the film. “The Martian” was just Matt Damon trying to get home and things getting in his way.

I would 100 percent recommend this movie to anyone who likes intense thrillers. Those with weak stomachs and tolerance toward constant mishaps should probably avoid it. It is definitely a fun movie to see on a date or with a bunch of friends.