The science classroom has been closed off to staff and students for almost two months now.  One Monday morning when a back door in the room was opened, the mold had grown out of control.

There had been a steady leak in the pipes next to the classroom and something unknown triggered the explosion of growth.  At first just one half of the room was blocked off right before winter break, but when the students came back the whole room was closed off and it has remained closed even to this day.

The three teachers that had shared the room now had to pack up and move from classroom to classroom depending on which teachers had their prep at the time. This was an inconvenience to both the teachers and the students.

After winter break all the mold had been removed, but of course,  no one was allowed back in the room.  Take a look through the window and anyone can see the huge ventilation tubes streatching out across the room. The source of the problem is still unknown and the school wanted to be sure that there wouldn’t be any more infestations.

Outside the ground was torn out and the bright blue sheet is easy to see driving up to the school every morning. The problem can’t be investigated until the ground is completely dry, which may as well be impossible with Oregon weather.

Until then, Jared Larson’s science classes have been move to Adams Campus. One student in AP Biology, junior Jenna Follin, said, “It’s super annoying. Especially coming back because no one lets us in and we are at a risk for being late to class.”  Rain or shine Mr. Larson’s students will be making the trek to class every other day.  If you see a large group of students tapping on the doors at the end of Evans hall by first hall, please let them in.

mold1Bella Allen