By Bruin Staff

After publishing the most recent issue of the Bruin with the cover story as interim principal Sean Burke’s resignation, the Bruin staff witnessed many negative reactions from MHS students about the article. Students felt that the article isolated Burke from the school community and was insensitive to his current situation, showing bias and disregarding his positive impact on the school and community.

As student journalists, our priorities are sharing current, relevant news and provoking discussion and debate among our audience. Because the resignation of Mr. Burke was a major change in the school environment, we felt that the student body had the right to know the reason behind it. The purpose of the article was to solely provide the readers of the paper with the facts, not to show any bias in favor of either Mr. Burke or the alleged victim. The Bruin is a newspaper, and our purpose as writers and photographers is to provide news, even when a proportion of the readers will not agree with it. Controversial news, such as what happened with Mr. Burke, is important because it allows for debate within the student body, and this article was successful in that it sparked discussion among students and staff members.

We feel that our goal with this article -to provide news to our audience- has been achieved, and this article has not deviated from our main purposes as student journalists. The public has been informed and debate has been sparked, which shows that this article has contributed to our mission as a newspaper.