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By Diana Denny

Every spring MHS students look forward to the biggest pageant of the year: Mr. Mac High. While watching the guys get up on stage and dance around is a good time, students often forget the reason the pageant is put on, which is to raise money for Doernbecher. Each year the pageant raises thousands of dollars for the children’s hospital in Portland.

Doernbecher is the children’s hospital at OHSU (Oregon Science and Health University). According to OHSU’s website, Doernbecher offers pediatric care and treatment of cardiology, cardiac surgery, cancer, neurosurgery, and neonatal care. Doernbecher is a hospital that is designed specifically with kids in mind, so the hospital is filled with playgrounds and playrooms.

On February 19th, the Mr. Mac High guys took a trip to Doernbecher to see first-hand what the money they raise will be going to. They toured the hospital and got to see what life was like for the patients who are currently staying there.

“It was really cool to see the direct impact that the guys are making,” said Maddy Gibson, 10, assistant director of the pageant.

The guys found it very moving to see exactly what they were helping. For Adrian Morales, a senior who also goes by Mr. Psycho astrology for the pageant, the most memorable part of the hospital was the meditation room. It’s a place for parents and young patients to go and pray or meditate during tough times while they stay at Doernbecher.

For one of the Mr. Mac High guys visiting the hospital really hits home. Michael Ordaz, senior, whose pageant name is Mr. Salsa Club, has younger sister who has an illness and is treated at Doernbecher.

“It was really sad to see the kids there by themselves, so I joined Mr. Mac High to help out and make a difference there,” he said.

According to the guys, people should support Mr. Mac High because all the money goes to such a good cause. Ordaz stated that the hospital really is for anybody who needs help.

“The pageant isn’t for profit,” said Morales. “It’s just for the kids.”

Overall, Mr. Mac High is a fun event, put on by teenagers to help kids in need. Even though the show is fun to go and watch, it’s important to remember the cause that the event supports. The guys of the pageant have worked hard on raising money and preparing their acts, so the show is projected to be a huge success this spring in all aspects. When asked what the best part about being in the pageant is, Morales smiled and said:


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