By Joe Gullo

With winter sports reaching the ends of their seasons the spring sports season will be here before we know it. Whether it be baseball, softball, track, tennis, or golf look for some stellar seasons to come from these sports. As far as everybody is concerned the Grizzlies look to replicate their spring successes from last season or in some cases rebuild after losses of varsity players.

One of these sports is girl’s tennis; Varsity senior Shay Bristow says that “This season might be tough considering we only have 5 returning varsity players. However we have a great group and I know that this season will allow for us to improve as a team.” Boys Tennis captain Drew Altringer is very excited for this season saying, “I know that this season is going to be really fun, and we have a lot of young players that will have to step up. Overall, I think we will have a great team, and a great season.”

Baseball is coming off of a great season last year and hopes to replicate past success. Varsity senior Jesse Earhart says, “We have a lot to live up to, but we have a great group of guys and I know this will be another fun season of Grizzlies baseball.” Softballs lost a lot of seniors and are hoping they can recover. The team will have to rely on youth more than ever.  Junior Nichole Teasdale says “This season is going to be great, because I know that as a team we are all close and are really excited for the future.”

The most populous sport in the school (track) is always looking for improvement and this season is no exception. Boys’ varsity runner Brevin Geelan says, “The upcoming season is going to be strong we have fast girls returning on varsity, and the guys have a lot of runners as well. Plus, we have great throwers and some above average jumpers. Overall, I believe that both the boys and girls will have a great season.”

Last but not least golf is looking to improve even more than last year. Varsity senior Kayla Worden says, “I’m pretty confident we will do well, I was a little nervous about the size of the team, but it looks like we will have a lot of girls.” Varsity junior Michael Martinoff says that, “I’m sure we will have another stellar season, and even though we lost a few guys we will have a great team.”

Overall, spring sports seem to be headed for greatness. Even though most teams lost a few players everybody is hopeful and optimistic that the Grizzlies will have great teams across the board. Keep an eye out for Grizzlies sports as the season progresses.