By Devin Baldwin

1Devin Baldwin

While OHSET, Mac High’s equestrian team is not as recognized as some of the other sports at Mac High, the riders work just as hard as any other group of athletes. OHSET stands for Oregon High School Equestrian Teams. In this sport, team members show off their horses in a variety of events including showmanship, trail, and gaming. Members from MHS include Talon Binks, 12, Mahima White, 11, Summer Preston, 11, Abbigale Johnston, 12, Kate Noble, 11, Paige Schwarz, 10, Christopher Trapp, 9, and Hannah Ewing, 10. Many of the members ride multiple horses and compete in many events at meets.

The members meet twice a week for two hours to practice for these events. The time that gets put into taking care of each animal is extensive, but if you ask any of the members it is well worth the time and effort. Senior Talon Binks said “my favorite part of being a member of OHSET is that it’s my second family and I enjoy the food and the intense adrenaline rush I get when I game, but I also like the collected poise of English.”

Most practices start with practicing performace events, like showmanship and western horsemanship. After that, the riders work on their gaming, where they practice riding around barrels and poles.

“We’ve only had one meet this season, but it was a ton of fun,” said junior Kate Noble. “Caitie Stoller and I placed second in working pairs and the other girls and boy did great as well.” The team has another meet this weekend, where they will try to perform even better. Good luck to the OHSET team this year!