By Leo Martinez

play1Leo Martinez

Many people in the world want to develop a career in the acting industry. All around, there are people who start to prepare themselves for this dream at multiple stages of their lives. Some might realize this later on in life or some might figure it out pretty early on.

McMinnville High School understands that originality is important for students. The students that want to be actors and actresses, they do a lot. The have the chance to enter the performing arts which includes many acting classes. The more serious and more passionate usually decide to join the Thespians.

Sophomore Katie Kenning tells us that being in the club “it’s really fun.” Even though she has only joined since last month she has already made multiple friends and says that “it is a place where you can create a piece that you are happy to compete with.” Colin Salewski, freshmen, when asked about being a freshmen in Thespian he responds simply by saying, “you just really need to take initiative and just try.” He continues by saying that “really anyone can join.”

Being in Thespian club does not mean you only joke around and have fun, they also compete. Katie explains to me that in competitions each group comes up with a different routine or competition. “They then practice and practice until they get it right for the district competitions.” She continues by saying that you then get divided into different categories depending on the type of performance. “You perform three times for different judges, you get judged, and then they all add up your scores.”

Thespians are the actors and actresses at our school that are dedicated to their craft. Maybe one day they’ll be famous humans conquering the world, we’ll be waiting.

play2Leo Martinez