By Grace Lee

The 2016 McMinnville High School Homecoming week was a huge success! As soon as the theme, The Olympics, was announced, there was a lot of excitement and preparation for both the teachers and students as decorations were put up and costumes were put together for each of the days.

Festivities kicked off on Monday with students dressing according to their favorite Olympic sport. Many sports were represented such as: soccer, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, swimming, and martial arts.

On Tuesday, students had a chance to show off their achievements by wearing medals from their previous matches or games. Also, with a little creativity, students also created fun medals with amusing titles.

On Wednesday, students could show off their countries’ pride by wearing colors, flags, or traditional clothing. It gave many students a chance to express their unique backgrounds, indicting Mac High’s diverse student body.

As the week drew to an end, on Thursday, there was a lot of participation for Toga Day.

And finally, on Friday, it was Colors Day. With much excitement, each grade level dressed up as their appropriate colors as they represented their class along with their classmates. To kick off the assembly, the seniors rushed into the gym and had a mosh pit right in the center of the gym.

With the school spirit off to a good start, the assembly began. Homecoming court was announced and the winners were recognized. ASB also prepared a lot of cool games and events for the students to participate in, but that wasn’t the end. The teachers and students also had a lip-sync battle that caused a lot of uproar as each participant showed off their lip-syncing skills.

After the assembly, the students gathered outside with floats representing each grade. With the color guard and band leading the parade, the whole student body marched through the streets with school pride and spirit. Finishing off at the stadium, each class had one more chance to show off their spirit and each sport and organization was given recognition.


To end the Friday night, hundreds of people were gathered in all black to support the football players in a match against McNary.

When asked about this year’s homecoming, there were many positive responses. “I thought it was really fun and I liked how they kept the traditions and I thought the senior float was really cool! The parade was super fun as well!” said Carmella Reynolds, a freshman.

“I think it was pretty cool. The theme was really cool because we just had the Olympics and I thought that it tied in well with our homecoming,” said Sophie Gyenes, a sophomore. When asked about the mosh pit that the seniors did Gyenes commented, “It was really cool and I look forward to it my senior year.” Also, senior Juan Perez said, “I loved the mosh pit! It was so awesome and energetic! The only downside was when people started throwing wieners. I got a hotdog in the face but it was awesome! The mosh pit was probably the best part of everything!”

Many students also found out that at this year’s homecoming, they found more ways to participate and be a part of the school events and activities. “I actually really enjoyed it, I usually don’t. I mean, I’m just not really big on being social but I actually really enjoyed it this year. I liked the theme and it was really fun,” said Katie Hildebrant.

This homecoming event was something to definitely remember. Mac High has a lot of school spirit and pride and as grizzlies; the students do a good job representing their school wherever they go. “Homecoming was amazing, it was better than I had ever expected it to be. It is probably one of the few events that I participate in socially, but it was the most amazing time of my high school career,” said Perez.