By Mari Sato


Pop- “Lemonade” by Beyonce

Beyonce’s new album “Lemonade” hit the charts this year ranking first in top pop albums of 2016 so far. When asked about the new album, senior Nichole Teasdale said that “It’s really interesting, but good” observing that Beyonce’s music has advanced throughout the years and that this album is very well put together. Teasdale’s favorite from Lemonade would have to be the sad but touching number, “Sandcastles”. Teasdale says that “If I was to have a woman crush every single day of my life it would probably be on Beyonce.” Looks like Queen B is still killin’ it.


Rap- “Coloring Book” by Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper’s new album “Coloring Book” appears to be raved about by many students at MHS, and Senior Sydney Stern seems to agree. Graciously labeling the album her favorite, Stern says “The songs have a good message…” and that “They are light and happy”. For a good mood tune, Stern recommends the song “All we got” with Kanye West. As for blue times, she likes “Same Drugs” (which is not actually about drugs). Stern also points out Chance the Rapper’s kindness towards others, bringing up his plans to have a “coloring day” in the White Socks stadium in which he will be bringing in voting registration for his fans. It’s no surprise that Stern will be attending his concert in Seattle along with other fans.


Alternative- “Revolution Radio” – Green Day

Coming up on their twelfth studio album, Green Day’s music is described as both alternative, and punk rock. Senior Isabella Allen likes Green Day for their “cool style” and sometimes “electric feel”. Allen claims that her uncle actually made a song that inspired one of Green Day’s songs in a past album. Allen admits that her favorite Green Day songs are actually from their older albums. She recommends Local Natives’ song “World News” and anything from the band “Passenger” for people who are into alternative music.


Country- “Big Day in a Small Town” – Brandy Clark

Country music’s leading female singer of 2016, Brandy Clark, released a new album this June called “Big Day in a Small Town”. Senior Nathan Leid commends the album for its “mostly upbeat and fun to listen to” nature. Leid describes Clark’s voice as “soft but gravelly” giving her the edge female country singers need to be successful in the industry. When asked why he likes to listen to country music, Leid says that it is “interesting to hear about life in the south compared to his here in Oregon” and that he enjoys the “stories the songs tell”.


Rock- “A/B” – Kaleo

Icelandic Rock band “Kaleo” came out with their first album this year “A/B” which has been noticed for their more popular song “Way Down We Go”. Senior Emily DeYoung likes “A/B” for its “older feel” labeling it as blues rock, similar to rock of the “1990’s, or early 2000’s, even maybe 1970’s feel”. DeYoung points out her two favorite songs from the album, “No Good” and “Vor í Vaglaskógi” which is actually in Icelandic. She says rock music appeals to her because it just “feels like it’s written to be “there”, and they just put feelings out there” to be felt rather than with the motive of being popular.


Metal – “For All Kings” – Anthrax

Anthrax’s newest album “For All Kings” ranks high on 2016’s metal charts for its popular thrash metal emotion. When asked about metal music, a student that would like to be kept anonymous told us about the appeal to metal music being its complex sound. The student said that “it’s not the kind of thing you can just enjoy in the background…the magic of the genre is that…you feel it. It can make a lot of people uncomfortable because it’s very physical…”. The student compares metal to spicy food, relating that it is “the kind of stimulation you can’t get from a lot of other genres”; or bland food. The student recommends symphonic metal for its “profound message” from bands such as “Nightwish” and “Epica”.