By Zoe Hayes

On September 16th, the long-awaited iPhone 7 was released. There was much speculation about what the changes from the 6/6s to the 7/7s would be, and now we know all the differences; whether for the better or worse.

A change that seems to be gladly accepted is that the iPhone 7/7s is waterproof. It can be underwater for up to 30 minutes, but don’t plan on swimming with it, because it can only withstand going down into 3 feet of water. Apple is finally catching up to competitors like Samsung and Sony who already have waterproof phones. Another positive change is the new black shades on the phone. Available on the iPhone 7/7s is a matte black color and a glossy black. Apparently, the colors are so black that you can’t tell where the screen and outer part of the phone meets.

One huge change that many people are unhappy with is the removal of the headphone jack. Apple is now selling wireless headphones, also known as AirPods; which cost $159! The Airpods are sold separately from the phones, so you would be looking at shelling out about $1,128 for the 256 GB iphone 7s plus the AirPods. I think that for a normal person, that price for a pair of headphones is insane. Also, the headphones need to be charged regularly. Each charge lasts for only 5 hours, but you can put multiple charges in the earbuds. The earbuds are quite small, and people are already complaining that they will be easily lost.

There are many changes to the camera too. Videos will be more stable, due to a sensor. The larger aperture lets 50% more light in to the camera, so photos and videos in low light will have higher quality. The front facing camera is clearer, and a feature called retina flash helps your selfies look better (important). The flash is brighter, and the zoom is clearer. Overall, all photos look much more professional.

There are mixed reviews on the new phone, but it did cause quite a buzz. The camera is much more professional now, and the phone is finally waterproof! But I think the AirPods are a total miss, and in my opinion, a deal breaker. Honestly, consumers must decide for themselves if the benefits outweigh the cost.