By Angela Tiszkus

Since its passing in May, the school bond has been a buzzworthy topic. Rumors of double-storied fitness centers, indoor tracks, and a lack of availability in parking spaces have been circulated.

Originally, that was why I had offered to take this story, excited to start the article with a headline in mind as guidance, something like, “School District Prioritizes Athletics Over Arts…Again”. Despite how a two story fitness center would be ridiculously nice, frantic searching on the district website for whatever I could find about the changes discussed this summer was inevitable.

Until Sep. 21 I had been frustrated with the virtually nonexistent material I was working with, but the date eventually came, and the meeting was finally held, temporary agreements made, and results posted relatively soon after the conference.

The bond plan still encompasses the construction of a vocational/technical career center, and expansion off of the main building, as promised. This time, however the site plans were much less vague.

Supposedly, the construction is to happen in four phases. The vocational tech building, parking, bus lanes, expanded cafeteria off of the existing one, and updated entry security are included in phase one, starting this Feb. and projected for completion by the following Aug.

Work on phase two will occur overlapping with phase one, from May to August 2017. This phase focuses on what Principal Tony Vicknair mentioned in his interview for Live at the Blackbird: the renovation and repair of Baker Field. This will introduce stadium lighting, seating, restrooms, and an artificial field.

Phase three is unclear based on the diagrams and description, simply “repair and renovation”. This is scheduled for May 2018 to Aug. 2018. The fourth and final phase from Jun. 2018 to Aug. 2019 is for addition to the existing building, demolition, and construction.

So it seems that the three years of activity and change will be chaotic, but will hopefully prove to be worth it. To add to the list of hopes, here’s to hopeless wishing that the floating stairs depicted in the activities lobby will materialize. Thank you voters (and please help with the floating stairs).