By Mari Sato

Mission Mac High Q/A with Madeline Gibson (11)

Q: “How is Mission Mac High going so far?”

A: “It’s going good. This year we have a really great group of people, so we’re all pretty excited.”

Q: “How is the program built to support the Doernbecher Hospital?”

A: “Throughout the year, Mission Mac High will do specific fundraisers, and the people in the pageant will be in charge of raising a certain amount of money. We also work alongside Doernbecher Club to help with any big fundraisers that they do. We’re hoping to do service projects at Doernbecher this year as well, so that we have more interactions with the kids there.”

Q: “How has the mission changed since the inclusion of women as well as men?”

A: “We decided that this project shouldn’t be something that is kept specific to one gender, and anyone who wants to participate in this effort should be allowed to. So this year, anyone could come and audition so we have two girls and eleven guys. The pageant will just be different in the sense that there will now be two titles: Mr.’s and Ms.’s. Besides that, it’s still being run the same with the purpose of impacting Doernbecher and doing a lot of the same fundraisers as before. The only difference is that now we are looking to include anyone who would like to participate.”