By: Emma Gomes

To celebrate the last Mac High performances of the year, the drama department puts on the Senior One Acts: plays that are directed and/or written by seniors with casts of students from the Play Production class. Some directors participate in the stage performances themselves. Seniors in the class are students that have taken all the acting class requirements to participate in the play production class. The performances this year include Blood in the Holy Water directed and written by Ian Martin, Blithe Spirit directed by Katie Kenning, Dreams of Nightmares written and directed by Broen McCloskey, Murder Before Midnight directed by Devin Fowler, and Piano Keys and Memories written and directed by Will Martin.

The plays contained a range of emotions from pain to humor to nostalgia to frustration. Director and writer Will Martin shares his experience with his original production Piano Keys and Memories. Martin dedicated his performance and creation to his sister who also participated in the senior one acts during her years. “My sister wanted to write her own but never finished, so I wanted to finish what she had started and I was really in the mood to write something. I thought that it would be a pretty good idea and went with it”

Martin’s journey throughout the entire project can be described as very collaborative. He says that the outcome was a team effort with him and his actors. Martin also says, “They had so much input, they would say things like ‘well what if we did this hear or do that’ and it changed that play for the better.”

Overall, all of the Senior One Acts that were created and performed were marvelous. Fantastic work from the directors and the actors as well as everyone behind the scenes. Congratulations seniors on an amazing ending of the year.