Even though we aren’t in school anymore, the yoga teacher Angela Darrow has come up with a fun idea to still help students practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is a type of meditation in which you focus on being aware of your mind and body without interruptions or judgement. She has an instagram account found @mhsmindfulmeetup where she does mindfulness meetups and she posts a video almost everyday at 9 oclock to help kids with all different kinds of things.Her first mindfulness meetup started back in back April 21,2020. The videos are all related to helping keep students calm and relaxed with things like moving through stress” and beginning your week with ease¨. Her intentions with the page are to help with growing and discovering wellbeing, purpose and compassion. Now she is also doing wellness Wednesdays on the @mhsgrizzlies instagram page. Where she will be doing wellbeing interviews with the staff of MHS. Her first interview is with Mrs.Martin’s where they talk about the definition of wellbeing and how it’s changed throughout life. If you feel inclined to please go check it out, her voice is very calming and what she says makes you want to invest in your wellbeing.