TikTok has taken over so much of high schoolers time as its database slowly adapts the videos it shows to match the ones you like. There are many sides to TikTok, one being book TikTok. Where different TickTockers will share their recommendations and thoughts on all types of books. As well as making curated videos on different types of book to movie adaptations, even going into the different tropes people like to see in books. Personally I saw “Sorcery of Thorns ” By Margaret Rogerson, recommended so many times I went out and bought it. ( I totally recommend checking it out if you like to read books about a girl who fights for her freedom). I also bought the series “ A Court of Thorns And Roses’ ‘  By Sarah J. Maas, which I personally believe the plot needs a bit of development and the last two books are the best. But overall they were also a good read. Another book I have seen recommended a lot is “The invisible life of Addie Larue” By V.E. SCHWAB. Set in 1714 Addie Laure has been cursed, her curse is that she will live forever and be forgotten by everyone she meets. But everything changes 300 years later when she stumbles on a man in a bookstore, who just so happens to remember her name. I believe it’s already in my amazon basket waiting to be bought. Also sitting in my amazon basket is “Song Of Achilles” by Madeline Miller and “ They Both Die In The End” by Adam Silvera. Both books are supposed to be heart wrenching in their own way, I saw a tik tok explaining how even though it’s named “They Both Die In The End” it still won’t prepare you for the ending. Some honorable mentions would be “Red White And Royal Blue” By Casey McQuiston. A book about two boys finding their way though love while still managing their own royal lives in the process. “Lore” by Alexandrea Bracken. A book set in the land of the Greek Gods. And “The Cruel Prince” By Holly Black. The book is set in the land of Fae that deals with lies and deception as well as power and magic.