Nearly a year ago we were forced to leave school due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, student’s across the country attended virtual online classes. Unfortunately, distance learning didn’t pan out and was labeled nation-wide as a failure. This failure has struck worry in administrators who are anxious for us to start in-person learning again. 

With the vaccine being pushed out, there is talk about us going back to school. This possibility has sparked debate throughout the community on whether or not we should go back this school year. Is it wise for us to start attending in-person classes? 

There too many questions and not enough answers. Teachers would be safe, but what would it mean for the safety of our families? What would it mean for students who are at-risk who haven’t received the vaccine or who aren’t old enough to receive a vaccine? After all, the Pfizer vaccine is for 16 years or older and the Moderna vaccine is 18+. 

It isn’t like all of our problems are going to be solved by getting back to school in person. Three months of school isn’t going to instantly fix a year of bad grades. Some students have taken to distance learning like a duck to water, but for countless others that wasn’t the case. Not only that, but the transition back to school life would be difficult and tiring for both staff and students. 

All of us envisioned something different for this year, I know I did. This is not how I wanted my senior year to go, I had big plans and events that I was excited about. The freshmen didn’t get a grand opening to high school like the rest of us did. Something like this wasn’t supposed to happen, but I’ve come to terms with it. I’ve accepted that I will never attend the prom and I won’t get a classic high school graduation ceremony. I’ve come to terms with the fact that this is the reality of my senior year. 

If it were down to us to vote whether or not we go back to this year, my vote would be no. Even if we could go back this year, I wouldn’t feel comfortable attending school, not if it’s putting someone in danger. I would gladly skip out on a frivolous prom or grad night if it means protecting a life because that’s truly what’s important.