On March 6, Governor Kate Brown announced that 6-12th grade students will return to school by April 19. Districts no longer have the option to make the call – it is now mandated that a hybrid model be running by the start of fourth quarter.

So, what will this mean for us? Likely, much disruption to the “new normal” we have finally gotten used to.
I think the Governor’s decision has good intentions, but no one’s immediate best interest in mind. Kids returning to school is finally being made a priority, but this seems rushed. I was expecting to stay in CDL for the rest of the year.

I trust our administration to implement a model of school that keeps us safe, but I think we are in for a whirlwind of chaos. Learning may be compromised, and there will be scheduling and transportation conflicts. The hassle is not worth the reward.
I wish I were excited to return to school, and I wish more of my classmates were too. The general consensus is that we are being double-crossed. But in the scheme of things, this is so exciting.

We are lucky to have teachers and admin who care so deeply for us and are doing their best to minimize the impact of this change. Even though in-person school seems like a reach, we will make this work.