An Indoor Plant
Dorm rooms can honestly be kind of depressing. There are blank walls and a bed that is as ugly as it is uncomfortable. One way to bring life back into the space is with an indoor plant. I recommend a snake plant, they require low to medium light, they grow upwards not outwards which is perfect for a dorm room, and you only have to water it once a month so if you forget about it you probably won’t kill it. You can find some at Lowe’s for $20-30.

Posters and Pictures
To spice up what is probably a boring white wall, bring a few posters and pictures. Some vintage botany posters or posters of your favorite band can go a long way. Pictures are also a great addition especially if you are going out-of-state for college. To print out pictures off your phone you can either go to Walmart and print them out or download the Walmart app and place your order there. They will be ready in a couple of days and it only costs nine cents per picture.

Extra Light
Whether you have a window or not, I recommend you bring some extra light. Whether it be some string lights to hang on your wall, a bedside table lamp that also charges your phone, or some motion sensor LED strip lights to put under your bed for when you wake up at strange hours of the night. Just make sure you buy some removable adhesive stickers and hooks to hang up your lights because colleges don’t like holes, even tiny ones, in their walls.

Bed Decor
Like I mentioned before, your bed is both ugly and uncomfortable, and most of your dorm room will be taken up by two said ugly beds. Get some throw pillows and throw blankets as well as a bed skirt to hide the storage mess under your bed. To fix the discomfort problem, buy a Twin XL mattress topper, which should also be the size of sheets you bring to college. I admit they are a little pricy so it would be an investment, but if you ask me, it’s worth the extra cash.