Shadow and Bone [Episode Show]

This show is based on a book series by Leigh Bardugo; are fantasy novels set in a war era in a nation called Ravoka. A soldier named Alina Starko has a secret power that might be the very thing that could help her set her country free. She struggles with her morals as she begins to train for the biggest battle of her life. Coming to Netflix April 23, 2021.

MOXIE [movie]
A 16-year-old girl named Vivian is tired of the sexism and toxic masculinity at her school, where the boys rate girls on their looks and almost everything else. She decides to do something about it. Vivian creates a newspaper at the school and becomes somewhat of a legend amongst girls. The only thing is no one knows who created Moxie except Vivian.Coming to Netflix March 3, 2021

Love Alarm – Season 2
A Korean drama, the first season released in 2019, has a new season that will be released in March. Based on an app that, if downloaded on your phone will notify you if someone near you is in love with you; this causes lots of drama in the show. Now Jojo has to pick between her childhood best friend and a super handsome model.