The McMinnville Grizzlies girls’ soccer team has been absolutely killing the competition this season, with plans of continuing the season strong. The road to victory has been a tough one but our Grizzlies have been tougher. Thanks to our hardworking dedicated players, this is looking to be another great season.

This is sadly going to be the last season for our seniors this year. We are all going to miss watching them play hard on the soccer field. Our seniors are dedicated to finishing their last season strong and making the most of their season. Before they leave we asked them some questions about their final high school season.
Mari Mendoza is one of our senior players this year and she is not afraid to take a hit, their game against McKay resulted in her being shoved to the ground four times. Mari also managed to headbutt the ball into the net and score for her team, causing the crowd to go wild. When asked how she felt about playing her final high school season, she replied, “It’s sad, because I feel like I have made a lot of friendships and we’re going to be gone next year.”

Delainey Schorzman is the goalie for their team and she has been doing an outstanding job making sure that other teams do not score. When asked what her goals were for after the season she said, “going to college and getting outside of McMinnville.”

One of the team captain’s Lucy Angevine has been doing a great job on defense. Lucy gave some advice for the younger players taking over after her final season for McMinnville this year, “ Learn how to be confident in yourself and your own skill, because everybody has their own battles they’re fighting and things they are trying to figure out. If you can be the most confident in yourself and step up to lead, it’s really helpful to yourself and the people around you.”

Senior Laney Hyder was asked what her favorite thing about being on the soccer team was and she replied, “the community, I feel like we all just get along so well, there’s a lot of different age groups and a lot of different kinds of people on our team. If you were to put us all in a room together outside of soccer, we would really be friends but the fact that we all play soccer together and have a really tight team bond, I feel like that it is just so fun to come to practice and be able to get along with most if not everyone everyday. People are always there encouraging each other, its just a good environment.”

Megan Glawe, another one of the team’s captains was asked what her plan was after high school and she said “ after the season I wanna go train down with Oregon Tech. I have a few tournaments for FC Portland, I wanna do really well in those.”