Robert Tomlin has become the new head football coach this fall. Tomlin has taken the reigns after former head coach Ryan McIrvin.
Tomlin had played football his whole life, since 5th grade all the way through college. Right after finishing college Tomlin began his coaching career. He has been coaching since 2002, for 19 years. This will be Tomlin’s 9th year being a head coach.
Tomlin said, “It’s a fun process getting to know the kids as a new coach.”

“The best part about it is always the kids, the kids make it fun,” said Tomlin. He shares one of the highlights of the season, said Tomlin, “The Oregon City game this year, again it’s one of my top three games I’ve ever been part of coaching football, so that was an amazing game.” As a new coach Tomlin, creates a good relationship with the team by showing the kids that he cares and giving them time, by being there for them consistently.

“Fun group,” said Tomlin, is how he describes his team. According to Tomlin, “they’re just a fun group of kids that want to do well, and it seems like they have a good time with each other.” As a coach, Tomlin looks at every game as an opportunity to see where they are at, and how they are able to grow.
One thing Tomlins says to his team, “It’s never about the moment, it’s always about learning from the moment, and embracing failure, because failure is not an option, it’s gonna happen.”