Zoom calls left on in the background of our Tiktok, our poor teachers’ voices echoing off our black screens, and endless months of us stuck inside our rooms all day. Whether you like school or dread it entirely, after the past year and a half we all feel fearful thinking about going back to comprehensive distance learning.
As students of a public school, many of us have spent our whole lives surrounded by our peers every day. Then within a few days, we just weren’t, and it was very isolating. We slowly started to get used to being alone most of the time, and we didn’t think it was bad because that was our lives now, that was most people’s lives. As a result, We all fell into unhealthy routines.

Students’ Mental healths quickly declined. Most students started to procrastinate and no longer pay attention in school. Today, we suffer the effects of COVID, and students struggle with adjusting back to in-person school. The longer class periods, constant socialization, and the simple act of having to go to school every day again.

If school were to close again, I believe students would be vastly impacted, even more so, than before.

Luckily, it seems the chances school will have to shut down again are slim. The situation where it does would be if an outbreak were to happen in the school, which is very preventable. I’ve already witnessed a bit of carelessness within a couple of students at our school with COVID protocols. A few common sights would be masks being casually worn below the nose or for as long as they can get away with it, walking around unashamedly with no mask on at all. It’s these simple errors that shouldn’t be normalized. If they are, it could risk bringing us back to where we were this time last year and no one wants that.
I recommend each individual to look at themselves and see what they could be doing better to prevent the spread of COVID. If we all do our part and limit our interactions outside of our personal bubbles, we can continue to safely come to school every day.

We all need to realize the more we actively work on getting rid of COVID, the sooner everything can actually go back to normal and we can help prevent the reality where we have to close the school doors and once again open Zoom.