When publication advisor Kathy Beyer decided to name a media group to house all the publications, it was an easy choice. It was the password for The Bruin for over 23 years, Moondance. “We designed the logo with business partner Nectar Graphics. We gave them our concept & they designed it. We love it.” Nectar Graphics also designed the other publication logos for media programs housed in the new facility built in the District Bond.
The publications pathway at Mac High is the most advanced in the state, offering an industry standard experience in three capstone classes; Bruin, Television Broadcasting show Live At the Blackbird and the Yearbook, The Mac.
The CTE pathway is in the process of building a new Sound Room for podcasting. “We continue to look to industry to give students experiences that are current and have the latest technology.

After carrying the three publications, Beyer let go of the yearbook after last year. Kerrie Savage is the advisor of the The Mac this year. She is not new to yearbook, she also advised the book prior to Beyer.
“I did yearbook six years ago for two years and I’m just happy to be back,” said Savage.
Former MHS grad, Kyle Dauterman, also a CTE instructor, is going to teach the new podcasting classes next semester. Dauterman was part of the SOAR television program while he was a student at MHS.
Dauterman then worked in industry at McMinnville Community Media before starting as a new CTE instructor last year. Besides podcasting Dauterman focuses on filmmaking.
Adam Gray joined the team last year also and teaches History of Film and Video Productions. Greg McAnally is in the Pathway and teaches Photography and Web Page Design.
In case you didn’t know, the Bruin paper you are reading was completely written, photographed and edited by students. It is a student-run publication. The Bruin has been printing for 103 years and according to Bruin advisor, Kathy Beyer, “as long as I’m the advisor, I’m not going to give up on the print paper.” She added that one of her favorite parts of her job is the day the paper is picked up at the printing warehouse. “I still literally get excited like a little kid. When the kids bring it back from the plant it’s there . . . and students created it. It still amazes me.”
Last year the Bruin continued the print the paper during the pandemic. Beyer added, “No way I was going to be the one to end the over 100-year streak of print issues at MHS.” Beyer believes it is the longest running high school print paper in Oregon.
During COVID, the Bruin focused on the online paper, “we have now redesigned and reinvigorated the online Bruin, “The new redesigned online paper, houses the TV show “Live at the Blackbird” as well as online copies of the Bruin and podcasts coming from students in the publications.
The brand new podcasting class will allow students to create their very own podcasts in a brand new studio in the high school which will be located in B127. Beyer said, “I think that students in our pathway truly get industry standard experiences. I’ve had several students who walk right into the media business and if they go into college they are able to take on leadership positions in college newspapers and media broadcast programs.”
In addition to the Bruin program, Beyer also advises the class Television Broadcasting, SOAR. The program originated at Evergreen museum in the space museum. When the school bond was passed, the District built the facility with the help of business partners KOIN TV & McMinnville Community Media. The student live television show “Live At the Blackbird” airs twice a month and can be accessed at mhsbruin.com or Youtube.
Beyer said all the publications are storytellers. Even though they use different media, they are telling important stories about members of the MHS Community and capturing the history of the school.
“There’s been really important stories that students have written and covered, they have been very impactful.”