Published after her death, the diary of Anne Frank is a first-hand day-to-day account of Jewish life during the Second World War although she was 15 at the time of the last entry, this diary is the most famous narrative of its kind in the world.

Sadly, in 1945, the diarist and her family were turned in from their hiding spot by an unknown figure. Even though it’s been 77 years, a team of historians and an ex-FBI agent have determined a lead suspect in Frank’s betrayal. The name that surfaced was Arnold van den Bergh. According to the investigative team, van den Bergh was a member of Amsterdam’s Jewish Council, being Jewish himself.

Oddly enough, it seemed that van den Bergh was not sent to a concentration camp along with the other members of the council. He was set to live in Amsterdam as normal. This was interesting information alongside the accusations that someone belonging to the council was feeding the Nazis information. However, after some time, Arnold van den Bergh lost his protective measures and had to provide something to keep himself and his wife from being transported away like the rest of the Jews.

And this might not have been an out of the blue arrangement. The team says that they located an anonymous note identifying the traitor sent to Otto Frank, Anne Frank’s father. A copy of this note was found in the files of a previous investigator. The team spoke to 60 Minutes claiming that the reason this note was never made public was because of anti-Semitism. Perhaps, he thought it might stoke the fires.

The executive director of the Anne Frank House museum says that the research “generated important information and a fascinating hypothesis that merits further research”. The museum says that they had no direct involvement in the investigation but had shared its archives and museum with the team.

As compelling as this theory is, there is still a great load of research yet to be done and plenty of skepticism to go around. The potential that the traitor has been identified resurfaces the emotions and dark memories of humanity’s past. It’s a reminder of one of the most terrible events to occur in history.