Leslie Olmedo (left) as Wednesday Addams and TJ Lake (right) as Lucas Beineke

Amongst the chaos that is the pandemic, it’s no surprise that clubs and activities have been made nervous regarding their attendance – especially since it’s been a long while since students have been in the building. So imagine the theatre department’s pleasant surprise upon finding out that the interest and excitement to join their after-school shows is alive and well.
After the first show’s auditions, Silent Sky, a show that only requires five cast members, it became clear that the next show would have to be much bigger. And so, The Addams Family: A New Musical, auditions were held, and the turnout was spectacular.

The Addams Family musical is about a grown-up Wednesday Addams, who has fallen in love with one Lucas Beineke, and wishes to gain her family’s blessing for their marriage. Chaos and fun

ensues as the Beinekes and the Addams are introduced to each other, and forced to make nice for their kids’ sake.

This hilarious and loving show, equipped with an all-star cast and crew, truly encapsulates the departments’ love for what they do. With a full count of 46 people involved with the production, it’s

Mason Fuller as Gomez Addams

no wonder that the performance was everything the public could wish for in entertainment, especially after a year or so in solitude. Production and rehearsals began in late November of 2021, and over the course of just four months the fresh new faces showing up in the department, cast and crew

alike, were transformed into nearly theatrical professionals.

And with a new year, comes new opportunities. One being the adoption of a new crew role: the Dramaturg. Born out of necessity of accuracy for Silent Sky, Piper Strickland has since taken up the role of department historian, makeup and hair designer, production assistant, as well as certified fact-checker. The journey of The Addams Family has certainly

been long and heinous at times, but “This job has been such a pivotal moment in my theatre career,” Strickland says, “By allowing me to take a deep dive into the shows we put on, I’m able to give insight into people’s characters, the set, and just the general atmosphere of the show.”


Overall, The Addams Family has had a significant impact on those involved in the production: from cast, to crew, to even the audience. The show teaches us that over anything, it’s to be true to yourself, and those you love most — no matter what.